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    ARMADA Egypt is an Egyptian-French Joint Venture Company; we are interested in counseling and marketing only the NATURAL & SAFE products and relation with the human health and Care.

    The world was conquered by a scientific, medical and informational revolution accompanied by another from the first enemy for a man, which is the “DISEASE”. The diseases started so simple to be encountered by first aids, and then got to be strong enough to be understood or resisted. New news about new disease attacked human are surprising us day after day. Disease doesn’t differ between child and old man. Today we can face a disease is coming from east but tomorrow may come from south or west. Many diseases are put under hard researches but they even get out of control, meanwhile we treat such diseases with only analgesics.

    Now, we wonder what our parents did to face such diseases. May their world was free of them or they may be leading a pure and healthy life!!! After valuable researches we found out that our parents lived within nature and were directed to God’s creatures and boons such as plants, animals, minerals on earth, sea or sky. They could discover which is useful and harmful.

    Intuition has developed to become science and researches. Pharmaceutical science appeared to discover more secrets behinds the use and harm of objects. Researches recovered and proved that constituents to be effective or supplemental. They act on contents formulation to get out more effective substances using chemistry science by breaking out and changing materials to create and even invent new types of medicines. Even food was affected by that revolution which made us ignorant about the useful and harmful food. Also cosmetics and make-up preparations are affected.

    Now, our habits in treatment, feeding, clothing and beauty weaken our power and immunity leading us to resist new diseases. So we will wander in an endless circle.

    Now we offer the real civilized movement, we get back to our parents spirit mixed with our own thought. We do pick-up what is healthy and useful; we choose what never hurts us, kids or even grandsons. We gather what is natural and safe, what’s chemical free or synthetic additional. It is the real chance for aware person to have own new and healthy habits that enable him to reject the fierce disease to keep himself fit and strong for new healthy world.

    Welcome to those who raise the motto “Back to the Nature” but their voice strays in the development jamboree. We offer our hands to have a new motto


    Future must be going back to the past, looking for God’s secrets in his universe.


    What is a chemical hazard?        

    The FDA and the USDA have recognized the wide variety of chemicals used in food processing and have decided what chemicals are acceptable additives in food products and which chemical substances are strictly forbidden. These agencies have also determined acceptable levels of other chemical substances. Chemical hazards affect more people than physical hazards, but typically not as many as a biological hazard. Obviously, some chemicals are of greater concern than others.

    Chemicals are divided into two primary categories: prohibited substances and unavoidable poisonous or deleterious substances. Each company should make certain that none of the prohibited substances is present in ingredients or supplies. Unavoidable poisonous or deleterious substances have FDA tolerance levels or action levels, in the event that exposure or introduction is unavoidable. Products that fall into these categories include pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics, additives and processing aids, lubricants, paints, cleaners and sanitizers. There are a number of manuals available which contain a laundry list of other items that could contaminate. The FD &C Act regulates all of the above except pesticides. Those products without tolerance levels must not be present in any amount.

    Chemical hazards should be addressed in steps in the production process: storage, during use (cleaning agents, sanitizers), prior to receipt (in ingredients and packaging materials), upon receipt of materials, during processing and prior to shipment of product.

    Chemicals which should be considered include color additives, direct food additives, indirect food additives, prior-sanctioned substances, pesticide chemicals and substances generally recognized as safe. All chemicals used in and around manufactured product should have specifications developed, as well as a letter of guarantee from the manufacturer.

    For the first 5000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine. Only in the past 50 years, we have forgotten our medicinal "roots" in favor of patent medicines. While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the well-documented, non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods.

    Back to NATURE = Nature for Future and Future for Nature

    Both are widely used slogans by many health entities like anti-cancer, then used by producers as a point of marketing.

    The term NATURE refers to living plants and animals,. It is often taken to mean the "natural environment" or wilderness–wild animals, rocks, forest, beaches, and in general those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention. For, example, manufactured objects and human interaction generally are not considered part of nature, unless qualified as, for example, "human nature" or "the whole of nature". This more traditional concept of natural things which can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind. Depending on the particular context, the term "natural" might also be distinguished from the unnatural, the supernatural, and the artifactual. While the term Natural as distinct from Nature and Naturalism.

    Natural foods" are often assumed to be foods that are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings that were not originally in the food

    "Let Food Be Your Medicine & Medicine Be Your Food." ~Hippocrates

    ARMADA Egypt started the concept “Change the life style

    Use natural product in food

    Use natural product in medicine

    Use natural product in cloths

    Use natural product in make-up

    We had prepared hundreds of lists of natural and chemical-free products, to be used as substitutes of those artificial, chemical, non-naturals, which may cause cancer, renal-failure and liver cirrhosis.