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    Pharma Swift

    PHARMA SWIFT was initially during 2003, with the specific purpose of improving the management of pharmaceuticals whole business.

    During the 2000s there was a concern at the distribution of pharmaceuticals, to sell anywhere to anyone at anytime regardless cost and risk. Pharma Swift advised its partners to focus on:

    • Greater choice to the clients
    • More selection to the consumer
    • Encouraging greater competition
    • Influencing prescribing behavior

    Objective is to secure for eligible people in need to distribute their pharmaceuticals, to manage manufacturing process, Pharma Swift has a function to promote the responsible use of pharmaceuticals, which includes communicating with pharmaceutical wholesalers professionals and retail pharmacies to encourage optimal distribution, selling, prescribing and health outcomes for patients and running patient information campaigns.

    Pharmaceutical suppliers may apply to Pharma Swift to be a listed partner on its schedule, usually the Egyptian Ministry of Health approval of their products is a must. Decisions on listing are made by Pharma Swift with input of exclusivity and profit margin. Patients and consumers also have input into Pharma swift decision-making processes through the professional marketing survey. Pharma swift also supplies services to partners as standardizing the operating platform and integrated pharmacy management system used in 23000 pharmacies widespread in the Egyptian market.