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    The issues in medical ethics often involve life and death. Serious health issues are raised over rights of patient, informed consent, confidentiality, competence, advance directives, negligence, and many others.


    Ethics deals with the right choices of conduct considering all the circumstances. It deals with the distinction between what is considered right or wrong at a given time in a given culture. Medical ethics is concerned with the obligations of the doctors and the hospital to the patient along with other health professionals and society.


    The health profession has a set of ethics, applicable to different groups of health professionals and health-care institutions. Ethics is not static, applicable for all times. What was considered good ethics a hundred years ago may not be considered so today. The hospital administrator has an obligation to have a clear understanding of its legal and ethical responsibilities.


    SMART CLINICS managed hospital on behalf of their owners. The target is safety, security, profit and reputation. But SMART CLINICS made all of these targets from the point of ETHICS view.