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    In the crowded marketplace of training and testing, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team strategizing, coordinating, and implementing the highest educational services. MASRYA strives to be a leading education industry resource for collaborating national and international professionals with opportunities ranging from training to testing. MASRYA is one of the largest privately owned organizations can surpass the clients’ expectations



    MASRYA provides a reliable business at Upper Egypt where is the interesting educational market. We have the opportunity to invest for a unique listing of reputable businesses.



    • Meticulous attention to client needs qualitatively and quantitatively
    • Creative networking across the educational industry to create the highest educational services
    • Enabling students to take the best advantage of their educational opportunities


    To be recognized and respected as one of the premier organizations. Year after year, MASRYA and its people will be regarded as the best. Because of its outstanding services, MASRYA continues to be recognized internationally and nationally for its leadership among training and testing entities.



    Education Without Borders With MASRYA


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    MASRYA is the expert source of information about the international tests that students, professionals, organizations, schools, and businesses may need. Our testing staff can help you learn what various examinations involve and guide you through all stages of the testing process, from registration to test completion and scoring.



    Testing Room Facilities

     Enclosed secure, quiet, and free from distractions area.

     Comfortably furnished

     Well ventilated with a comfortable temperature in all seasons; controlled by air-condition

     Constant visual monitoring


    Administrators and Proctors

     Administrators are able to handle all difficult situations.

     Administrators are skilled to deliver all paper, computer and internet-based tests

     Proctors available to monitor and provide test takers any help



     Meet the specified maximum equipment requirements

     Brand new workstations that meet the hardware higher specifications and updated regularly

     Testing rooms have access to a laser and a desk-jet color printer

     Workstations, caching and admin stations are connected through protected and secured LAN

     Workstations can connect each other through workgroups or a domain server.

     Internet connection with unlimited speed


    Tests administered by the MASRYA on behalf of the well-recognized international organizations and institutions:

    Certified Testing Administration Site to deliver TOEFL iBT tests; the site code is STN12908A

    Certified Testing Administration Site to deliver GRE cBT tests; the site code is STN12908A

    Certified Testing Administration Site to deliver GRE Subject pBT tests; the site code is 10249

    Certified Testing Administration Site to deliver the updated GRE Subject cBT tests; the site code is STN12908A


    MASRYA had a great experience for consecutive four years in regulating and adminstering students competition, contests and olympiads. MASRYA started such business with collaboration with EDUMETER EGYPT company in publishing, organizing and delivering HIPPO Olympiad, Kangaroo Mathematics Contests, Kangaroo Science Contests, Kangaroo Linguistics Contests, AMO Olympiad, VANDA Olympiad, and Dr. CT Contests.


    By the end of the second quarter of 2023, MASRYA signed a new collaboration with the most recognized international organization caring innovation and talented students, iWISE. MASRYA arranged launching phase of iWISE olympiad in Egypt for the first season and preparing for the international Virtual Round. This new theme of MASRYA to be presented to the whole country; EGYPT to attract talented students from 10 to 24 years old; schools and universities students can participate this international olympiad. More than 25 subcategories are offered to participants under three main categories; Art, Talent and STEM categories.


    By the beginning of the third quarter of 2024, MASRYA signed a new collaboration with Certifiy Assessment Solutions ltd. company from North Manchester, UK. Certify provides a diverse range of services tailored to meet any educatiopnal institutional assessment needs. Needs met are (for example): Authoring & Testing Platform, Remote Proctoring Solutions, Assessment Portal, Global Test Centre Network, Proctoring Personnel Network, In-House Platforms for Bespoke Solutions, Boutique Assessment Services and GDPR Compliance.


    MASRYA PORTAL is one of the most important platform needed by any test taker registred for any test through MASRYA 

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    English is a West Germanic language related to Frisian, Dutch and German, although it appears quite different to these languages due to its large vocabulary from French, Latin, Greek and Old Norse, as well as many other languages, and its relatively simple grammar. Some 350 million people speak English as their native language, and another billion or so speak it as a second or foreign language. There are English speakers on every continent, especially in the UK and Ireland, North America, India, Oceania and West Africa.

    Apart from the irregular spelling, other challenges that face students of English include the numerous tenses and irregular verbs and plurals, the prepositions with multiple meanings and uses, the huge vocabulary, the numerous dialects and accents.

    MASRYA designed the instructional program to help non-native English speakers increase their English language skills. Most MASRYA’ students are preparing themselves to enter North American, European or Japanese universities after completing our program; they are applying for scientific missions and grants for master, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Others are learning English for professional purposes. We design the curriculum for students at all levels of English language proficiency, with an emphasis on developing the necessary skills for academic studies and business or professional communication.

    MASRYA drives the courses through ten levels of instruction starting from basic for beginners through the advanced levels. Each level takes about 12 hours of highly active in-class sessions.

    At the end of the eighth level, trainees have the opportunity to take the preparation course of TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program), TOEFL iBT (internet-Based Test),iTEP (international Test of English Proficiency), IELTS and TOEIC by receiving 24 hours of intensive instruction in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

    Contact us to join MASRYA' elite students, and learn the latest international tests’ strategies. Our expert instructors will help with all sections of all tests. They are ready for all the changes to the tests! They used to support students online and F2F.



    French is a Romance language. As a worldwide language, French is spoken in a vast amount of places across many continents, making it a useful and often essential tool of communication. French is spoken as a native or adopted language by approximately 130 million people, or Francophones, worldwide, with many more speaking it as a second or third language. Some 30 countries list French as an official language (although not necessarily the only language), about 20 of which are located in Africa, with the others in Europe like France, Monaco, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, and places as far-flung as the Caribbean (Haiti), the South Pacific (Vanuatu), North America (Canada) and India (Pondicherry). In addition to this, French is the official language of France’s overseas departments and territories (les DOM-TOM) such as Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion.

    Where French is not an official language, it still enjoys common usage in many countries - Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (collectively known as the Maghreb), Mauritius and Andorra to name a few. It is also an administrative language in Southeast Asia (Laos and Cambodia) and a former language of colonial Vietnam.

    In the political world, French is an official language of numerous international organisations such as the EU, the UN, NATO and the International Red Cross. In all, it is an important language of international politics, business and tourism.

    Any language can seem difficult to learn at the outset but the good news is that, of all the worldwide languages, French is not ranked as a particularly difficult one to learn. You do not need to learn a new alphabet, and usefully placed accents tell us where to add stress to a given syllable. There are, however, aspects to its pronunciation, conjugation and spelling that may hinder the learning process - especially for those with no prior knowledge of another Romance language such as Spanish or Italian, where the common Latin root provides immediate familiarity.

    The most common difficulties experienced by foreigners learning French include: the ‘nasalization’ of words such as ’un’ and ’bain’, which should be pronounced in the nose; silent letters, such as ‘t’ at the end of ’port’ and ‘h’ at the beginning of ’horloge’; the subjunctive tense, used to express doubt or possibility, and some aspects of French orthography.

    Usefully, many of us learnt French from an early age at school (French is the second most commonly taught language in the world, after English). This means that even if we do not think we have any ‘linguistic flair’, some snippets from childhood classes are likely to be embedded in our brains.

    The active in-class course of ten levels leads trainee to start from A1.1 beginner’s level to B1.4 advanced level. Each level needs 24-30 hours to be ready to move to the next one. MASRYA helps trainees to prepare for DELF and DALF international tests to take these tests at Centre français de culture et de coopération du Caire.



    German is a West Germanic language closely related to Dutch, English, Frisian and Yiddish, and more distantly related to Danish, Swedish and the other Scandinavian languages. The native name for the country is Deutschland, while the language is known as Deutsch, which is thought to come from the Old High German word diutisc, which in turn comes from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic word Þeudiskaz, meaning “people” or “folk”. The English word German comes from the Latin Germania, the origins of which are uncertain but it might have been a Gaulish term.

    Today German is spoken mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, and to some extent in France, Belgium and Italy. There are also German speakers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, the USA and in Latin American countries. There are something like 105 million native German speakers and a further 80 million people speak it as a second language. German is also quite a popular foreign language in Europe, especially in Greece and Eastern Europe.

    Within the German-speaking countries, each region has its own dialect, which can be very difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with them. Fortunately, however, most people also speak High German, the standard form of the language, which is taught in schools and used in the media.

    Learning German presents English speakers with quite a range of challenges. German pronunciation is relatively straightforward and the spelling system is consistent, unlike English. There are only few sounds that might take some practise to master, particularly the ch, which is like the ch in the word loch.

    Quite a few German words are similar to English ones, though differences in spelling can obscure the connections. For example Buch = book, Schiff = ship and Tochter = daughter. German nouns always begin with a capital letter. Long compound words, such as Kontaktlinsenverträglichkeitstest ‘contact-lens compatibility test’, are common in German. Such compounds are also used in English, but they are written as separate words.

    Probably the biggest challenge when learning German is getting to grips with the grammar. For example, while the definite article (the) in English is invariable, the equivalent in German changes depending on gender, number and case - the apple is der Apfel (masculine), the school is die Schule (feminine), and the child is das Kind (neuter). The definite article can also change to den, dem and des. The indefinite article (a) can also change in similar ways – ein, eine, einen, eines, einer, einem.

    German word order is quite different to English word order with verbs often appearing at the ends of sentences, for example, Seinen Freunden wollte er aber nicht helfen (His friends wanted he but not to help) = He wouldn’t help his friends. It takes quite a while to get used to German sentence structures, but a lot of reading and practise using them will help.

    German has much in common with Dutch, Afrikaans, Frisian and Yiddish. A knowledge of German can be very useful when learning these languages, and vice versa. The Scandinavian languages, such as Norwegian and Swedish, also share quite a lot of common vocabulary with German.

    MASRYA found German language is highly needed to communicate German tourists in Red Sea, Luxor, Aswan and recently Sohag. Preparation courses guides trainees to learn German from scratch to the advanced levels. Trainees have the opportunity to register for international tests at Goethe-Institut Ägypten.


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    MASRYA translation services range from simple documents to business interpreting, multilingual research and website localization.

    With our qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your translation needs.

    Documents analysis, project splitting to translators, translation, draft proofreading, review by project coordinator to check that translation meets the given specifications and checking layout and the finalized document will be sent to clients in any format: this is the systematic way we used to deliver our job professionally.

    Our translators work on all legal, technical, medical, scientific, business, marketing, financial and general documents in any format, including reports, essays, manuals, books, contracts, and Web Pages.



    Strict confidentiality

    Fair pricing

    Quality control

    Fast turnarounds


    Language Pairs

    Arabic, US English, UK English, French, and German

    MASRYA is a member of PROZ.com, the translation workplace, our member ID is 1125428, as well as VA4U registration ID 8864 and GALA registration ID 9543030. Dr. Tarek Nofal, managing Director is a Member of ETLS Executive Council, Egyptian Translators & Linguistics Syndicate as well as a Member of Board of Trustees, Sohag Language Schools.

    We provide high-quality services to individuals and all types of companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune companies around the world. We work nationwide and worldwide.


    Document translation

    Our translation team has worked on foreign-language document translation projects in subject matters ranging from business, insurance, and advertising, to law, government, software, education, literature, and many others. We specialize in providing document translation services for a number of languages, including English, French, German, and Arabic.

    Large translation projects are often complex and may involve the coordination of a team of translators. These projects often involve editors, managing glossaries, frequent updates and revisions, establishing quality procedures, and follow-up changes. We are prepared to help you out in all aspects of your translation project including medical translation, technical translation and legal translation!


    Translation of your website

    If your company has an international presence, the image transmitted through your website is crucial. It is thus important that your translation be handled by specialists applying the highest quality standards. We can manage the translation and regular updating of your website using your website’s source files, thereby reducing the workload on your webmaster.


    Review of existing corporate documentation

    If your documentation has already been translated internally and you would like to have it reviewed by specialist linguists, translations would be more than happy to help.


    Handling of regular updates

    If you have documentation that requires regular updating across a number of languages (amending brochures, fund commentaries…) we can ensure that the respective translations are kept up to date.


    Development of specialized glossaries

    If you have a large quantity of corporate documentation and would like to harmonize existing terminology to ensure it is consistent, we can build glossaries from existing documentation or in line with your instructions.


    Translation audit

    This service is designed for international businesses that either do their translations internally or directly with other translation services. It provides managers with an impartial outside view of the quality of their translations. To learn more about how the Translation Audit Service can help your company please contact us for a personal consultation.


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    American Diploma

    The American Diploma Program is one of the four main educational systems conducted in Egypt and recognized nationally and internationally. Thanawya Amma (Egyptian High School), Azhar Institutes, IGCSE & IG (The International General Certificate of Secondary; British Education System) and High School Diploma (American Diploma).


    It allows the implementation of the International Standards of Learning and is considered a rich and bountiful system originating from the diversification of the educational systems existing in the United States of America. It is recognized and accepted in national and most rigorous universities around the world. This system has ample effects on preparing a student for the academic challenges of university and the constantly changing world.

    MASRYA preferred to start with the elite students the America Diploma program after Grade 9 and ends upon completion of Grade 12 to be eligible to apply for all kinds of universities.


    Students be enrolled in international schools on behalf of MASRYA. They have to be ready to register for EST or ACT test trials. MASRYA provides them different services; texting, messaging, calling, following-up, supporting and counseling.


    MASRYA PORTAL is one of the most important resources of past tests and exam tips that highly needed for tests preparation.


    Universities Guidance

    MASRYA used to receive High Schools' graduates who need to apply for different universities. and they feel confused or who missed the application deadline.


    MASRYA staff check student's documents to find the most suitable university and field of education. We had succeeded to complete professional profiles of tens of students and stand behind them to the first day of their academic track.


    Books Purchase

    MASRYA is a marketplace where you can buy new, used, rare and out-of-print books, as well as cheap textbooks. We have an access to connect with the most professional booksellers around the world where millions of books are listed for sale. Shopping with MASRYA is easy, safe and 100% secure; just give us the title and the author of a book, we buy it for you in a good condition. Purchased books are of hardcover, paper cover, audiobook or soft copy in MS word or PDF. Bookseller ships the ordered books straight to our address. Customers pay in advance the book value in addition to our minor profit margin.

    Our customers are mainly the university researchers and students; because we have a good business relationship with international book distributors and wholesalers like Amazone, Alibris, Barnes & Nobel, Abebooks and Powells. We have a membership account, which allow us to access the full library of the wholesaler's books in print at volume discounts.

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    Domain Registration

    MASRYA offers a full suite of domain services, including domain name registration, domain name transfers, domain name renewal, domain expiration protection and domain privacy services. We offer .com, .net, .info and .biz


    Web Building

    MASRYA offers a wide range of website design solutions ranging from Do-It-Myself Web Design Services to fully Custom Website Design. We can create a professional looking website in a few clicks or utilize our website building team to build a customized website for you.


    Web Hosting

    MASRYA web hosting services come with a 100% uptime guarantee, a dedicated IP address, and the support of Associates Certified Call Center. We offer affordable web hosting plans designed to help professionals and small businesses maximize their web presence.

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    The governmental and official Ministry Of Education.

    MASRYA is authorized to deliver training courses of English, French, German languages as well as Computer programs.

    The authorization was through the Ministerial Decision No. 248 on 23/10/2003



    As the world's largest private Educational Testing Services and measurement organization, ETS builds assessments based on rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Each year, ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests in more than 180 countries at more than 9,000 locations.

    With ETS mission to advance quality and equity in education, ETS delivers groundbreaking research and learning solutions to help students, educators, schools, businesses and governments on their journey to what’s possible.

    MASRYA is Certified Test Administrator Services (CTAS) via center code STN12908A, Masrya Sohag, Egypt to deliver TOEFL iBT and GRE cBT tests (internet-Based Tests). On the other hand ETS certified MASRYA to deliver and administer GRE subject tests (paper-Based Tets) through center code 10249 and the updated and upgraded version of GRE Subject to the cBT one under center code STN12908A.



    The International World Innovative Student Expo is one of the world’s most prestigious international platforms that nurtures and promotes creativity, innovation and invention. iWISE is a global platform for young talented performers, gifted artists and extraordinary scientists to showcase their skills, creativity and scientific mind-set. This platform also aims to facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, interests and abilities in the following categories:

    * STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

    * Talent.

    * Art.

    OSCAR Education Limited is the legal organizer of iWISE Olympiad from London, UK had appointed MASRYA as its official represenatative within the country of EGYPT to promote for the olympiad.



    At Certify Assessment Solutions, they are dedicated to making a lasting impact on lives by contributing in the best possible way to the assessment and growth experience. Whether you’re a test taker striving for success or a test owner shaping the path, we go beyond by being there for you every step of the way.

    Certify now has access to the sister company ITTS’ Remote Proctor network of Proctors which favours its sales efforts. The Pandemic may be sort of over, but Remote Proctoring is here to stay. The company continues to invest in further development. During 2023 Certify is able to offer full, end-to-end services, directly and through its sister company. It now has total control of all aspects of its services and can focus on providing the highest possible service levels. Certify Assessment Solutions Ltd HQ is in North Manchester, UK.

    International Schools

    ELITE International Schools, Sohag is the first International British school and the second international American school in Sohag In Upper Egypt.


    Future Generation International Schools, Sohag is the second International British school and the first international American school in Sohag In Upper Egypt.


    MASRYA had agreements with the international schools to register its students for the American Diploma educational system and support them to get the high school diploma to be ready to join universities.


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